Frequently asked questions

Your questions a propos our telecom services

No, absolutely not. We will connect your premise with our own optical fiber.

We will definitely use our own optical fiber to connect your hotel so that we can ensue you benefit from a hidh bandwidth and all our services.

SAB SYSTEM offers you a one-stop-shop price plan to make hotels managers' lives easier and reduce the number of providers on telecom needs. SAB SYSTEM's offer will include a minima the optical fiber, the internet access, the set top boxes, the wifi, television and radio channels, the menu displayed on the TV sets including your room directory, the evolving and corrective maintenance and the hotline. This is our core offer. You can also add our Chromecast®, telephony over IP and CCTV over IP options.

The Chromecast® is a small HDMI key that helps cast streaming content from one's smartphone directly to a TV set. Therefore, Netflix, Youtube, Spotify or Deezer can be displayed on a big TV screen with audio speakers in one click. We offer the best Chromecast® user experience on the hospitality market thanks to our multiservices set top box in each room offering a dedicated and private wifi access point, and therefore an easy, fast and intuitive access to the Chromecast®. You just have to connect to your room's wifi and click on the "cast" button of your streaming application. Sources on the television set will be changed automatically in one way and the other. The settings of the TV set are blocked in hotel mode so that guests can not modify them.

Why use set top boxes, rather than smart TVs?

Our services evolve regularly. We therefore need to control fully the core intelligence of the system, which is not possible with smart TV. In case we need, we will change your set top boxes, without cost, to make your services evolve.

Your questions a propos our offer

Yes, we will stay at your disposal to discuss about the implementation of our services in your hotel. At this stage, this will not bind you et and on our side, we will be able to study the best offer for you according to your address.

SAB SYSTEM guarantees a recovery time and intervention time according your address. Everything will be reviewed with you in advance to guarantee our SLAs and the quality of our services. 

What are the conditions for the maintenance?

You can call our hotline at hours indicated in your agreement. We monitor our services 24/7 and have automatic maintenance scripts to manage incidents. We implement backups in case of major incidents. We will intervene on premise if necessary. 

No, our maintenance and on premise intervention will cost you nothing more. They are included in the monthly fee of your one-stop-shop subscription. There is no additionnal fees. Your price plan is known in advance and totally under control.