Your connected hotel!


Le wifi privé et dédié

Each guest benefit from a private and dedicated wifi access point in his/her room and therefore does not share his/her bandwidth with anybody else.

Des échanges cryptés

A password (PSKey) displayed on the TV set of the room, and modified automatically at each check in, encrypts all communications totally for an optimal security. Your corporate customers can therefore use their companies VPN in perfect security.

Une couverture wifi parfaite

Since each room has its own access point, there is no obstacle between the access point and its users. The bandwidth can be maximum.

Un Chromecast® simple

We offer your customers the most simple Chromecast® user experience on the hospitality market, identical as the one designed by Google. Sources are managed automatically between the Chromecast® and the set top box. 

Perfect wifi 

Welcome your guests as at home

Our many satellite dishes provide, through our optical fiber, more than a thousand TV and radio channels. 

Our TV menu is also available in 31 languages to welcome   a maximum of nationalities.

Welcome people from all countries

"Open bar" internet access

No limit for your internet access, no slow-down of our network.

Your customers and staff can use the network at will in the only limit of the wifi access point to connect several devices and profit from an ultra high bandwidth internet access.

Internet with no limit

Your infrastructure in the Cloud

All the servers delivering our services are located in our premises and our Data Center. Your hotel infrastructure is totally light: you have only ethernet switches and multiservices set top boxes in your facility. This makes more room for your premise and a better maintenance.


If we work with you, we will connect your hotel with our ultra high bandwidth optical fiber and will implement our multiservices set top boxes. Your hotel will benefit instantaneously from an efficient and complete infrastructure, your hotel being under renovation or under operation.


We will take care at least of your internet access, your wifi and your TV and radio channels, but you can complete all this with our Chromecast®, telephony over IP and/or CCTV over IP options.


Our choices made on the network architecture and hardware enable us to make our offer evolve very easily, without works. Your facility will stay at the cutting edge of technology to make your guests and staff totally happy.