Toute votre infrastructure télécom "as a service" pour votre hôtel

Our network in France

 A national coverage thanks to our partners

Our network is managed from the one end to the other end: from our Data Center directly to your hotel.

We are a service operator working with infrastructure operators so that you can benefit from our services anywhere in France. 

Contact us to have an eligibility confirmation based on your address.

Our services delivered by an optical fiber

QoS, managed services

 AN OPTICAL FIBER: We will connect your hotel with a dedicated or dark optical fiber. All your telecom services will be delivered through this optical fiber which is connected to our Data Center.

  ULTRA HIGH BANDWIDTH: Our optical fiber is dimensioned to deliver a high number of TV channels as well as an ultra high bandwidth for the internet access to be guaranteed.

  IN THE CLOUD: You no longer need any servers in your hotel, your services are simply operated in our facilities for a better maintenance.

Our core network

Our service level agreement


We own and operate ourselves our core network and routers, all of them in interconnection with our partners, the infrastructure operators.

Our commitments

Our services are SLA guaranted with a recovery time guarantee and a response time guarantee.

Network operation center

Our NOC monitors our services 24/7. In case of dedicated optical fiber cut, an optical fiber to the home will be used as a back up for internet and telephony.


A secured network

Make security your priority

Our dedicated network is operated directly by our staff and is protected with strong firewalls. Your hotel will benefit from a dedicated fixed public IP address on which we can implement NAT rules for you.  

Your guests deserve a wifi access that is totally secured, from their devices to the world wide web, including the radio part of the network. SAB SYSTEM helps you offer that to your customers with a simple password displayed on the TV set of the room and changed automatically at each check-in. 

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